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Gaarawarr posted a transcript of his visit at Mythic.. for sure it’s more than I can remember and actually understand because of the problems I had with Skype. It’s a good read..so check it out.

Maybe you are interested in what I mentioned when I was being asked what was the best and worst thing Mythic has done in the past 6 months (actually 1.4.0 and after). If not..well..then you can skip the next paragraphs ;)

So..the best. Well..nothing too surprising. I’m with most of the other bloggers and say that the changes to RR-cap on lower levels and the adjustment to RR-requirements for lower gear is the best thing that Mythic has done. Imo it smoothed the progression from T1 up to T4 and you enter T4 with a..gear not being totally crap. You will be no hero, but it’s much smoother. I also mentioned that this changes bring problems to “veterans”, i.e. r40 players sitting on rr40-50 because the changes were brought after they hit T4.

What I forgot to mention were the bad things that these changes brought to T2 and T3. It’s trying to maximize rr by constant locking zones (without getting much exp), which sadly leads to scenarios never pop. The whole experience get’s …dumb. For a theorycrafter there’s a nice side effect. You can see that the lower armor sets are somewhat balanced. When you enter T3 with pretty crappy gear you still can be competitive. The increase in power is not that much like it’s in T4 with sov and above.. the game is less based on gear than on actual playing skills. This makes T2 and T3 more than once more entertaining than T4.

This leads me to the worst thing that Mythic has done past 1.4.0. Imho it’s actually the implementation of rr100 and all the stuff related to it ;); i.e. gear, effective ranks.

Again I should have been more wordy on that..but I think that James took my criticism as being to general and not..fixable and wanted quickly to move on ;)

So I’ll add some more explanation here. All that the RR100 stuff brought was more.. grind, selfishness, gear and power gap. It watered down the skill needed by the player behind the keyboard and emphasized numbers (stats, procs) which you as a player can’t influence anyways, because some of the stuff is always there or fires off automatically. This made most of the fights just a gear/rank/rr-comparision and that is imho a very bad thing for a PvP/RvR game.. RR/Gear should give advantages to you, but they should not be so big as to be the decisive ..well..only..factor determining the outcome of a fight.
But I’m starting to repeat myself.. so I’ll better end here ;)

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  1. TBH the skill needed by the player is watered down by the amount of ‘immune to critical damage’, absorbs, 100%parries/blocks etc items in the game combined with nerfed buttons and other things. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, it’s an MMO not a fair fight: he who grinds, wins.

    • Well.. this all comes from the game not being able to handle it’s own mechanics (absorbs, morales, etc..). I could hit you with a wall of text here as I wanted to write a proper post about it for a long time now, but I spare you for now with it ..for now;)

      Because it’s a MMO I think that it needs again more stuff on the big scale (and I don’t mean that everything is zergable):. WAR needs room for small groups and warbands. On this I will write about in the next days as I (and Bootae) mentioned it on the Sykpe session.

      Oh..and one last thing to the grind. It’s only wrong if it’s dumb, feels like work and is not entertaining. Giving alternative routes to obtain something, having a flexible system makes the grind feel not as bad as it’s now. Atm. there are not much alternatives to get renown.. it’s quiet linear, time-consuming and just not fun. The addition of RR100 didn’t brought any depth to the game..only a lot of work and not gaming.

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