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Blogger’s tend to write about the stuff they hear on the web..speculate on things…comment some stuff they see somewhere.. be wordy about a thing that they are interested in. As this is a WAR blog..I use to write therefore about WAR.

The “bad” part right now is..that I can’t write about too much of the stuff I’ve heard lately on the Blogger’s visit at Mythic HQ. That’s really mean..showing and telling us something and simultaneously forbidding us to write/talk about it ;) It’s like some part of the body itching all the time and you can’t scratch it.. Nevertheless I’m thankful for the invitation as it was interesting to see and hear this all.

It’s funny to see how the community (I’m focusing on and some comments in blogs; especially Werit and Bootae) reacts on the information we were allowed to talk about.

The biggest discussion arises on the reintroduction about fortresses.. Even though there are no details to talk about, the reactions cover a wide range from negative to positive. I can understand that some hoped that the fortresses may be a speed bump again.. but as the past showed, this didn’t work well. The speed at which zones lock..well..the frequency at which the city sieges happen is too high, but there has to be another speed bump than fortresses.

So instead there will be some sort of relic system.. I didn’t play DaoC, but the system is well known I think. Capture the relic ..bring it to your (in this case most likely you own fortress) and then the whole realm gets a bonus as long you have this relic captured. Of course as an attacker you will have to fight against opposition in many the fortress..on the way to your own one..and maybe even at your own. Sounds like a nice way to disperse the zerg a bit, as some may capture the relic(s) and some other maybe lock zones..If this will work like this on the live server *shrug* no idea. The biggest fear is of course that one side has so much manpower to a) zerg the normal campaign b) zerg the relic c) don’t have real opposition because of a) and b). How Mythic is going to avoid this, is to be seen..

I’m hoping that this system gives more variety to the ORvR campaign and not results only in a bolster to the anyways dominating realm. Especially on Drakenwald I can’t think atm of a time at the day when order is dominating over destruction on the grand scale..and not just on small scale combat. The change that this relics (I just don’t have a different name to them atm and I think that it’s a bad name as some will be biased as they know relics in DaoC and those in WAR might work in a totally different way (btw. do you think that I (by this I mean the author of this text (and not some video or ghost writer (who have the right of existence (which by philosophical meaning is..ermm I’m drifting away)))… ;)))) will bring to the RvR is interesting enough to try it.. at least that’s my opinion ;)

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