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So… Today I will finish work earlier, because of the Skype session to which EA/Mythic invited me.

The schedule for the session seems simple. 30 mins presentation, 60 min Q&A, followed by another 30 min presentation.

But since I saw this for the first time I had to scratch my head, because I have no clue why there is another 30 mins presentation. It leaves the impression that there will be stuff announced which is too..well..either not worth of talking about it, nearly set in stone or where Mythic dev’s themselves aren’t sure how to handle it and fear tricky questions (lore-stuff just as an example ;) ..but in defense for the dev’s, I’m not the one to know large parts of the lore very well anyways, so I’m not the one to throw the first stone, just the second.). Sadly there is no Q&A for the second part, so hopefully the second presentation won’t leave a itch to ask stuff.

As I have no idea what this first presentation is all about, I have absolutely no questions prepared, just some general stuff I would always ask, where I don’t expect any meaningful answers anyways. I will have to be spontaneous and react to the first presentation.

To save the ears of the others in Skype I will mute my mic most of the time anyways, because my parrots will be sitting on my shoulders during the presentations and afaik Skype doesn’t have push-to-talk-functionality built in. ;)

Oh..last note.. I don’t think that Mythic will announce that WAR is going f2p..not sure why, but I just don’t think that they will do it in the near future. What they will announce instead? No idea..will see it in less than 4 hours ;)

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Posted July 6, 2011 by Karic in Community, WAR

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  1. Have fun. Look forward to hearing al labout it.

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