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I was chosen to be one of the EU bloggers who were invited to a Skype session with Mythic..Bioware/Mythic..whatever..today. Bootae and Erdknuffel were the other two who participated. It was all in all a great fun and very interesting. Many  thanks to Kai for remembering that there is a EU crowd still playing this game!

On the hard fact side there is not much to add to that what Bootae already listed. The biggest deal for me were the plans I heard for re-introduction of the forts. It’s still on the design phase and I’m curious how this will turn out to be in the final state. On the positive side is that it won’t be necessary for the ORvR campaign. If I did get it right (Skype is terrible when it hiccups..takes ages to recover) they are also thinking on an AAO system for the ..relics (even though I’m not sure if they should really be called that way now). AAO and possible griefing have to be cared of..

Giving PvE some more meaning is great as the sole focus on the PvP in the RvR campaign makes this game to linear and I like options. Hopefully the tweaking doesn’t make PvE mandatory, but just give the game a new twist.

Love for the Magus and Engineer..Yes! ;)

I’m also ok with the premise that they want to (re-)use as much old stuff as possible.. there is so much really good stuff in the PvE zones which is totally unused..bringing that back to the table is definitely not a bad thing as most of the folks who play this game didn’t see this stuff in the first place anyways. So no ones is being hurt by recycling ;) Just bringing some PvE to the zones could also work.. as long as there is room for it. I’m looking at you Caledor! ;)

The reactions I saw at Bootaes blog and Waaagh.de are the reactions that I did expect..but I will write about that stuff tommorrow. Just wanted to say now that it was nice to meet the people at Mythic and I got several interesting informations of some I am not allowed to talk at the moment..but you know me..I still can get wordy :D

Oh..another secret.. they have a good BBQ-Sauce there.. that’s the bad part. Werit and Co did get food..me not! ;)

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

Posted July 6, 2011 by Karic in Community, General, WAR, Warhammer

11 responses to “NDA hits you for.. (0 mitigated)

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  1. So many smileys in your text. You must to be highly pleased about the news.

    I hope it remains that way a while. We like the happy Karic ;)

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  3. On one side I hear the secret is WOW and on the other it is meh good. I think I’ll take my place on the fence and hope for the best. Too bad you didn’t get any BBQ sauce shipped to you in time for the Skype session. Maybe next time :)

    • As Bootae said it.. sceptically optimistic is the best way for the future stuff ..
      The announcement will surprise many folks..and I think that the usual trolling will be there, especially because it’s that surprising. The overall community of WAR is currently in a state of constant nagging und grumbling ..and no matter what Mythic does some (many) will just keep grumbling. If the announcement is so unforseen most likely there will be many negative reactions anyways.. that’s just the usual reaction of a community.

      I was so shocked after the first presentation that I was really speechless and thankfully Bootae and Erdknuffel had some questions there.

      • To me, shocked is good. WAR needs some shock, in a good way. I’m sitting on several prepaid cards waiting for my personal shock to get me back in the game. I doubt what I want will be the big news, but I can always hope. Personally, I would settle for a less dumb AI in PvE. WARs AI seems to be so stale. I know the focus is on RvR, but the bad PvE made PQs stupid and turned off more than 1/2 MMO players. Give me mobs that don’t just stand there like statues and I’ll be happy

      • Shocking it was, huh…? I already hate it, by the sounds of it.

        The community is nagging, because there are tons of things the community feels are missing in the game, many which are all too easy to fix or add. Nothing happens.

        Let me just tell you, you are very right in that negativity will come, but because the community will see nothing they feel which is currently required for WAR.

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  5. Console release? :)

    • Harr.. that would be a good one, though I think that the game needs too many actions for a usual gaming pad ;)

      Well maybe with Kinect..or a Nunchuk-Adapter for Wii.. ;)

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