07/06/11 ?   Leave a comment

As Werit and Bootae  already said…something is happening on that day. What Mythic is announcing on that day is unclear.. no info on that.

You know that I like to nag, grumble and mutter a lot..but somehow this mysterious stuff grabs me and I’m curious..I could even say a bit excited.. what I will hear on that date.

And that makes me puzzled somehow, because I don’t expect anything big and exciting to be announced anyways. I think Mythic has not the resources to do anything big, just a nudge here and a nudge there and the hopes to push the game into the right direction and keep some players.  Overall it’s just a mosquito pushing against an elephant.  Therefore I don’t want to speculate on what is going to be said on that day.

The overall community reaction up to now was somehow..sarcastic. This may be due to too many “exciting” announcements which resulted in a big letdown and a huge pile of disappointment. Maybe it was wise from Kai to not get to specific about the topic ;)





Posted June 29, 2011 by Karic in Community, WAR

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