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Just in a silly mood today and had an idea for a discipline for a Dwarfathlon (think of it as a dwarven art of decathlon ;) ):

First discipline would be keg-throw:

Rules are quiet simple, as all disciplines in Dwarfathlon must have simple rules because of the amount of alcohol that is included in every discipline ;)

After a proper warm-up (*) you

  1. go to the bar, get a beer,
  2. quaff the beer as fast as you can
  3. get to a mark (line)
  4. throw the empty keg as far as you can

Step 1-4 are repeated as long as the ..let’s call him/her..athlete can stand without any assistance (be it person or object).

The thrown distances are added. The athlete with the biggest thrown distance is declared the winner. If two athletes happen to have the exact same distance, the time in step 2 is compared. The fastest athlete then wins. If there is still no winner after this, then they have a shoot-out.


One further round (step 1-4), as both participants had some time to regenerate and should easily be able to make at least one round . Oh.. the name is on purpose ..guess why ;)  This is repeated until one of the winning conditions is fulfilled.

So.. one discipline is there.. there is room for 9 other. Feel free to add a discipline.

(*) which exact form is still under discussion

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted June 7, 2011 by Karic in Dwarves, humor

3 responses to “Dwarfathlon

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  1. great idea,

    i think we will do this on the gt11, maybe also the next 9 ideas

    but i think actual is balosh the favourit

  2. *Burp*

  3. Well talking about drinking games, I have one for all the Slayers out there.

    1. Get lots of beer.
    2. Go PvP with your Slayer.
    3. Take a big drink when you die.

    Repeat for as long as you can. Needlessly to say that it’s hard to keep it up. Because similarly to every drinking game, you tend to die more often the more drunk you are. Well, except if you are me, I actually tend to do better on my Slayer when drunk.

    This was my favourite past time when I was playing WAR and the guild group didn’t require me to actually be sober. Which wasn’t often, given I can play better when drunk.

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