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This is a Ironbreaker ability which..somehow..fits to me ;)

As dear reader..may already figured out, I tend to grumble and mutter a lot, but you have to believe me, that this is not always the wanted tone here. Every once in a while I want to write a post with a more positive vibe to it, but then Mythic is breaking it by publishing a ridiculous idea which is more important for me to write about. There were not a lot of things to write ..and grumble…about, but most of the time when I’ve read something from Mythic in the past couple of months I wanted to hit something..or smash my head onto the desk and just stay there for a while ;)

I hope that the designers/dev’s at Mythic HQ get a sense again what this game needs and give the game a direction. Most of the hypothetical dev posts are imho just a method of helplessly asking what the players want, because the dev’s have no clue about it. Sometimes it seems that they have no idea how to move this game to something that it could be.. a great game. Despite every bug, exploit, design-flaw..this game still has potential to get better.. though the question is, if this can be reached if Mythic hasn’t been able to take those steps in the last two years.

Don’t get me wrong.. this game is better than it was in the past..but it still lacks some stuff to make it a great game. Just take the performance/lag issues.. it’s strange that you experience less lag in a fight which involves 3 warbands on each side than in a scenario with 12 players. Or fights were lag disappears because one certain enemy dies. ..oh..this is not an issue of my computer or my link to the’s for the whole my personal setup is irrelevant.

One problem with a potential that’s clear for such a long time and never evolving it is that people just quit the game and your chance is gone. If you can’t deliver a good game and people get pissed off constantly because of performance, balance, design issues..the lifetime of your project is very limited. Many people would say that this is already the case for WAR, but I’m not sure.

So if Mythic thinks that focusing on RvR is the way to make this game great..I hope that they can deliver. I liked the “old” WAR where PvE was an option to obtain complimentary gear to RvR gear.. but it seems that I’m alone on that front ;) So if this should be RvR all over the place..then Mythic should do something..and if it’s just redesigning of the RvR lakes, i.e. making them bigger and giving the BO’s new position). Gear with better stats is nothing what I would call “changes to/for RvR”..this is the same old PvE-mentality Mythic has shown since 1.4..

But I’m starting to get negative again..tsts.. The next post will be even more stay stunned..erm tuned ;)


Karic (




Posted June 1, 2011 by Karic in Dwarves, General, WAR

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