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Seems like Mythic has a new bunch of ..Trainees hired. And you say that WAR is on maintenance mode..pah.

There is no other logical explanation for this (Play as Monster) and this (PM SC), the later being not that big problem because it’s an event and restricted to some weeks and in general might play out well, if you take the whole event and not just that part with the monsterplay.

The theory of the Trainees has the nice side effect that it would explain the 3 month patch cycles (anyone remembers the 2-3 days it needed a hotfix after the game was released? ;) ). They hire the trainees as cheap workers ..let them mess up code the patch and hire new Trainees afterwards, who need to get trained and do the next patch, which then has absolutely no connection to the previous one. Of course it takes some time to train the new ones.

This is a logical explanation for the incoherency in design and content changes we’ve seen for some time now ..if you ask me. The hypothetical dev posts in the dev-section of the forum are just a pool for new  input because the Trainees didn’t play WAR and had no idea what this game needs. Asking the playerbase what they want is very good to some point, but actually new impulses have to come from the dev’s.. that’s what they are paid for.

At first I wanted to write about why this monsterplay thing is wrong..but I think that it’s too obvious. For today it’s enough that I told you about the hire philosophy at Mythic HQ.

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