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The guild I’m in has it highs and lows attendance-wise… We were never a big guild and we suffered a irregular cycle where we had trouble in building a group, because for an extended time only 2-3 people were online during prime time. Usually that took only some weeks and then it changed, so that we had 6 people online and were ready to fight. But for a longer period of time now we have problems with having enough people online.. To make things more trickier..the alliance we are in felt apart. Anyways consisted only of premades who don’t want to mix that much or wanted only folks with rr90+. We don’t even have one char rr90+, so we lowered the average RR of the alliance and were now not even “attractive” because of our numbers ;)

Our playstyle is relaxed..but nonetheless we try our best and are quiet successful (keeping our RR in mind). It’s  not about’s about killing stuff. So we tend to roam through the RvR-lakes and search for small scale fights.  For this we need a full group of 6 members.. anything below 4 is pure frustration and even 4 or 5 is not that much fun. And there was/is the problem. We couldn’t always fill up our group from the alliance, so often we had only a too small group of 3-4 and there was some frustration because that and  the RR disparity (and the issues connected to this) after patch. This is not a problem anymore, but it caused a base level of frustration which led to some frustration, decreasing motivation and therefore some just don’t log in. This lack of motivation is something that can’t be easily patched..

Because the last active guild left our alliance some weeks ago we can’t fill up our group from the alliance any more.. but that’s not the main problem. We rarely did it anyway. I think that this is a good motivation to do something. The whole guild realized that we have to do something so that this guild doesn’t fall apart. Even Svedrik is now advertising on /advice so that we can fill up our group. And quiet frankly..the last ..days/weeks went quiet positive when we did some RvR. We got some heavy beating..but it was not hopeless and we could give a good fight to some high-RR groups. I think that this raised the overall moral and motivation in the guild.

When this is stabilized the next step is the growth of the guild. This can be a quiet tricky thing, because we are a dwarf only guild and we are rather small (in numbers..not body height! ;) ), which may correlate ;)

How we plan to make the guild grow again will be a separate post and frankly it’s not quiet clear to me what is the most effective way ..but it needs to be done so that we have always (at prime-time) about 6 members ready to fight and don’t have to rely too much on strangers.

I’m sure that advertisement on and in the advice-channel will be part of our recruitment.. I will definitely report on how it’s going and what we are doing to recruit more dwarves. So stay tuned ;)

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