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Well..I’ve been quiet for some time now.. one of the reasons was RL and another was the lack of stuff to write about..

Well..that is not true. A lot of stuff happens WAR related, but there has not been the urge to write about it. I want to stay below my rant-quota/month ;) It’s been some quiet ..spooky past weeks. Before patch 1.4.2 the game was really broken for me.. it made absolutely no fun, because of several reasons; two being the gear and rr-imbalance. Are those fixed? Well..fixed is the wrong term, but it’s more or less playable now when you face enemies with higher rr. Speaking of higher rr..

Our guild has a quiet relaxed play-style. Our top priority is to have fun together..ermm..Njnel..not in that way :P A side effect of our play-style is the quiet low RR when we build a group. We have only two active members who are above rr80 and some in the 70ies..some even below 60 (e.g. Halgart, the slayer I’m playing).. Before 1.4.2 it was impossible to fight with such a setup. Now..it’s not much better, but sometimes we can give at least a good fight..before giving the enemy the renown ;)

It’s no problem if we get beaten up as long as there are some real fights in between.. and there starts the problem. The amount of fights that are actually fun has declined dramatically after patch 1.4.0.. I think that this is because everyone is chasing those funny purple numbers.. and because of the imbalances the new ranks etc. brought.

Without those fights the motivation sinks..and frustration rises. Actually around the time of the patch 1.4.2 my motivation for WAR was quiet low.. too much grinding for too silly stuff. What added up to that was the smaller ability to solo stuff in the the game. Pugging scenarios is worse than ever.. Most likely you will face 2 premades..often they’ll even admit that they queued to be put together in a scenario. So scenarios don’t work..unless you just don’t care..die a few times and endure the beating.. Oh what fun! ;)

So scenarios are out.. PvE is out..because WAR will never do anything meaningful in that area (focus on RvR and such stuff..blabla from the dev’s..you know that stuff already.) What’s with ORvR? Well.. Runepriests are not great in soloing that stuff.. Just s siege at a keep from time to time..but that’s not really fun. So lately I’ve played my slayer more for roaming solo through the RvR lakes.. most of the time I die, well..but as I don’t care (*note to myself: new post)  it’s not as frustrating as with my Runepriest, with whom I hope to be at least some sort of competitive.

Then build a group and don’t run around solo” you will say.. well..my gaming time is a bit broken up because of my two parrots.. and some other stuff. So it’s quiet tricky to join a group.. My guild knows that and accepts it..for which I’m thankful, but for grouping up with other people this is quiet a barrier.  To complicate it, our guild has atm not many people online..so we can’t even make a full group.

Our alliance is now also at some motivation low..so we are even having additional problems to fill up the group. So we are running around in the RvR lakes with 2-6 dwarves..(-1 for Ilani’s chars..she prefers elves..horrible I tell you..just horrible sense of taste.. *shakes his head*) with an average of 4. What we often face are warbands (at least 3/4 of a warband) as enemies.. groups are rare or they are built of rr95+ chars.

This leads to an evening full of frustration, not because we lose, but because it’s constantly a totally unequal fight. You get beaten up and most of the time it feels like that’s just because of rr disparity. There are also a lot of unknown names in rr90+ ranks.. It feels right now that you have to grind your way up to rr95 through keep sieges and after that rr you may build a group for scenario. WAR distilled..you might say (Mythic cut so much stuff..that they might actually really change the name ;) ). Every other option seems to be a dead end as long as you have the wish to be competitive on a level of knowing your character and how to play it..and not on a level of rr-race. There was a slow shift in the way this game was casual friendly.. and I don’t like the direction it has taken.

There is something to add though.. The change of the rr-restrictions in lower tiers changed the way new players will perceive T4 as they now have around rr60-70 when they enter T4 .. but old chars..like the alt’s I still have from Huss (a server closed in 09!) suffer from it. Maybe I’ll write another time about it..I think that this wall of text is already big enough to be seen from space, but at least there died no slaves during the building of it… I hope.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


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  1. “Our top priority is to have fun together..ermm..Njnel..not in that way :P”

    What a shame! :D

    Else… You write so much! I hope i have understand everything. Some to respond is yet difficult for me.
    But i learn more and more english with your blog ;)

  2. “…my gaming time is a bit broken up because of my two parrots.. and some other stuff.”

    Parrots? :D

    “I think that this wall of text is already big enough to be seen from space, but at least there died no slaves during the building of it… I hope.”

    Hah, you should see some of my posts. They make wall of china look like a lego wall built by a five year-old.

    Speaking of walls of text, there’s a guide-type of thingy on my blog about solo PvP as a Slayer if you’re interested. It’s a long read, but tl:dr is that Slayers can be very effective in solo play when specced and geared properly. I did that quite a bit when I was in the same situation as you. :)

    • Parrots! ;) Senegal parrots to be more precise.. Here are two pictures of them which were taken back in 2010..

      And concerning the wall of text .. yes you are the master! Luckily you build in some points for a pause by including pictures. So I can read your posts in small portions ;)

      I will take a look at your Slayer guide.. though my Slayer is actually not in the state to be too flexible concerning mastery points and such.. with rr56 there is not much to spec for other than damage. Otherwise the impact in a fight would be imo just too ridiculous. But new input on how to play a career is always good to get better or at least better understand the career.

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