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Well..PTS is up and patch notes can be read here..

Is it a critical patch? More or less..yes..but I think that any recent patch in WAR was more or less critical ;)

Why this notes are strange? The most important thing, i.e. the power gap above RR80, is the thing that is kept most vague.  The reduction of 20 to 4 effective ranks for RR100 is quiet big..but I still think that it’s not big enough. It’s worth a try and definitely a step in the right direction.

Another step in the right direction is that Mythic is taking a close look on how Siphon Vitality should be changed. The only strange thing on the proposed change is that it’s always doing something offensive oriented while increasing the defense at the same time. I am not the only one who thinks that if they want to keep a defensive set that it should only increase the defense and not simultaneously debuff the enemy or do damage..  I think that many can agree to general plan that offensive oriented characters may deal a good a mount of damage and die more easily, while defensive oriented characters survive longer, but don’t do that much damage.. Well.. imho you can delete the second option completely. A DPS career should always deal a secondary set may focus on a different style/spec rather than on surviving, but that would mean that there has to be a deep understanding on side of the dev’s on how the careers play in a live environment and not “on the drawing board”..oh.. and there comes the problem ;)

The biggest part of the notes compromises detaunts and that they can’t be used while being silenced.. minor change, but might do something in RvR, though I’m not sure how many people silence an Engineer or SW.. most likely they will be disarmed rather than silenced, but who knows *shrugs*

Last point are the scenarios.. they are shaken up a bit.. and I’m curious how Thunder Valley and Gromril’s crossing are perceived. I like both scenarios..though TV is a bit too wide for 2 that it often leads to circling around and tapping like a maniac..too few fighting in between. I hope that the layout is changed a bit.. Coming to layout changes.. Mourkain Temple is changed. Looking at the Notes ..I think that it might get a tad more friendly to ranged careers, but I’m not sure. Maybe it will still end in one side at the enemies warcamp. It’s rules/objectives are too simple for anything else.

Overall the notes don’t imply that much changes by themselves, but I think that the game itself will change a lot by the adjustments to effective ranks and rr80+ items. Therefore I think of them as strange notes..


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6 responses to “Strange Patch Notes

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  1. For a .2 patch is pretty reasonable set of changes. I like the changes, but have little or no time to actually get online atm.

    • If they deliver, what this patch looks like, than it’s a good patch. At first sight I like the changes, too. But you have to know some stuff from the dev discussions in the forum to understand these patch notes. Otherwise they look quiet strange..minimalistic and vague.

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  3. Afaik, the hidden effective levels are 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 100 (1 every four RR). Post RR80 there are 5, not 20. :)

    I wasn’t able to find exact info on the adjustment of effective levels (probably because I don’t read the BioWare WAR forums) and it’s not in the patch notes. Are you sure they’re being reduced to 4?

    • I’m not sure if it’s 4 or 5. I thought that they are reduced to 4, but your listing looks familiar, so I guess that 5 is the right number.

      Imho Mythic can cut those “effective” ranks entirely and just grant new gear and more renown points to spent, but that is not going to happen. They want progression with RR..*shrug* T4 is the first tier where the playing field is not leveled (aka rvr bolster), but rank difference is wanted by the Dev’s. Strange..

      • Yes, it’s even more strange that they aren’t thinking about a new tier, which would be in line with them wanting a rank difference and level progression past RR80. I think they’re sticking to their original plans eventhough they are lacking funds and manpower.

        After reading some other information I’m now not sure I’m right with the effective levels (or hidden ones or whatever). When the RvR packs came out, I was told there were 6 altogether or 5 past RR80. I’m confused.

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