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From someone claiming that you only need an assist-train (and a little bit of coordination*) to kill a rr90+ premade (while having only rr80- in your group) (freely quoted):

WAR is casual get everything and have only to invest some time.

That is the opposite of casual friendly ;) Casual friendly is NOT to have invest a lot of time for something, but rather invest .. I dare not so say it.. skill. WAR is ..well..was casual friendly, because you could hop right into the action.. of course you are more effective if you form a group/warband and coordinate via voice chat etc..  Dying your RR up to RR90+ and then killing folks because of your advantage in RR and gear is..  not casual friendly, but stupid ;)

No wonder there are people around who think that it’s ok if gear matters over skill.. over and out.


* yep..assisting might double the damage from 15 to 30 dmg/gcd..while still getting hit for 1k+ in return. Go figure out who will win ;)

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Posted March 17, 2011 by Karic in Community, PvE, RvR, Scenario, WAR

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  1. WAR might be causal friendly but only when you consider ease of access. Sure it’s extremely easy to jump in and do an hour of scens or RvR. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to accomplish anything.

    Indeed WAR is the exact opposite of casual right now. Unless you are prepared to devote several months of non-stop playing to get WF/DF you can’t be competitive, no matter how good you are.

    To claim that skill can overcome the gear gap between the old sets and the new ones is just silly. No amount of assisting will help a >RR81 premade beat a <RR90 one. RR90+ atm is just easy mode while below it is nightmare mode. And while that was true for the below Sov and Sov sets before, it was never this bad. And getting to RR80 was in comparison much easier than getting to RR100.

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