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I just wanted to repost something from 09 that never gets old.. my hate for elves ;)

So here it is and yes..I know that I promised a proper post.. :

Arbitrary’s post on Fantasy Racism could be the start of a new movement. Well..maybe not new, but some sort of unification process might start?! ;)


So..all you elf haters.. Unite! Kill elves in every game you see them! Let your anger loose (use the dark forces if you like) and go on slaughter them.. They deserve it ;)

Maybe start a merchandise brand and produce T-shirts, if fighting is nothing for you:


Start a club … Tell everyone in region-chat, that it doesn’t matter what sort of Elf you kill as long as it’s an Elf. Do it like me and greet the warband you just joined with “Hello Fighters and Elves” ..

Is this (fantasy) racism? Of course, but hey.. the started it by cutting some dwarves beards (just as one Warhammer related example..there are plenty more in every fantasy story).. Grudges don’t go away so fast ;)


Karic (

Posted March 16, 2011 by Karic in General

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