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You ..my dear reader..know that I’m currently in a mood for ranting about WAR and what Mythic is doing to this game..

To be more precise..what they are not doing. ;) I miss any real direction or new ideas coming from the Dev’s.

If you need any proof look at this. Imo there’s not much to add to this post.. the whole focus is the keep door and with that focus there will be still a static (aka boring) keep fight. It’s the same concept for RvDoor Mythic tried to get rid of with patch 1.4.. not a hint of new idea behind it.

Oh well.. I keep this post short. I don’t want to steal too much from your time ;)

Oh..there’s one info to add ;).. Again another of my ..spooky titles. For information about it look here.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted March 7, 2011 by Karic in General, WAR

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  2. As from now i try to read your blog.
    Please dont write so much :D

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