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While waiting for the servers to come back online I just took a look at the credits..and to giggle a bit, e.g. guess who’s CEO of Mythic?

The german credits are here.. take a look for yourself


A cookie for the one who explains my title.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

Posted February 22, 2011 by Karic in General

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  2. Guessing here – is 23 the number of people who are on the credits but no longer work for Mythic?

    • Nice try, but that’s not the reason for the title.

      Anyways ..here’s a cookie for you ;) *hands over a cookie*

      Hint: In the strict sense it’s not WAR related

  3. nom nom nom /eats cookie

    No idea then, what is it?

    • Forgot to solve it..

      It’s far away from WAR and I mean reaaaaally far away. In the credits Marc Jacobs is still listed as CEO of Mythic. He is often reffered to as MJ and everytime I hear MJ I must think of Michael Jordan ..yeah..I’m that old ;)

      Jordan had the 23 on his jersey….and I’m pretty sure that he used a no-gravity-hack. ;)

  4. That’s obscure. I think you must’ve been eating too many of those cookies yourself! :p

    I remember his Nike Air dunk though. NASA calculated that it was theoretically impossible I believe.

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