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You may already read the proposed patch notes for patch 1.4.1 so I can focus on just a short comment.
The notes are nothing spectacular, but I had to laugh a bit when I read the changes to armor sets. It is ok to lessen the rr-requirements and costs for <sov-gear, even though it will change nothing concerning the way too powerfull rr80+ gear (and the hidden ranks, etc..). I don’t want to comment too much on this change and it’s implications..but I want to tell you why I had to laugh. It’s because in one of my last grumblings in Mumble I told my guild mates that Sovereign is the new Annihilator gear and this changes just emphasize this. ;)
The next thing I want to comment shortly on are obviously the scenario list changes.  I think that there are some fun scenarios in the list, but I think that most of them won’t be suitable for T4, e.g. Gates of Ekrund. Maybe a change to a 6vs6 for this one might make it fun for T4, but most of the scenarios are imo too melee-friendly. But hey..the whole game is melee-friendly.

The next thing to watch when this patch comes live is if anything in the mechanic of the scenarios has changed. After all they have been taken out of the list, because they didn’t work as planned and (freely quoted) weren’t fun. ;) last remark.. why some of the listed stuff wasn’t easy fixable to be put into a hotfix will remain Mythic’s secret, e.g. last-stand stuff. The long time this “patch” needed has done some severe damage to the game which is not easily fixable now. Such a low profile patch isn’t making it any better.

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