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That’s how I feel about how the imbalances in WAR where shown right after some of the folks of Carroburg came to Drakenwald (the server I’m playing on).

The situation.. Carroburg had a severe population problem (number wise and afaik also realm balance wise), which resulted in the free character transfer. So this server had for quiet some time a renown bonus and an easy way for destruction to get rr90 and rr100 gear (well..that’s easy anyways..but combined with renown+ and constant easy city renown it’s quiet harsh).

Did all people transfer from Carroburg? No.. a little village..wait..wrong text.. but still the answer is no.

Afaik some high RR premades (fully equipped) transfered and are now farming sc-tokens, because sc’s didn’t pop up on Carroburg. So they can complete their farmed sets ..and that at a quiet easy way, because the RR90 and RR100 sets are so badly overpowered that they can literally one-hit rr80 sov-geared enemies. It wasn’t as bad before the transfer, because destruction had the advantage of a higher mean value for renown rank, but all in all it was quiet balanced. You got kiled..but had the chance to fight back and the enemy had to use at least a rotation for killing you. Now with the higher number of RR90+ premades things derail..Yesterday our slayer (RR7x)  hit a choppa for impressive 15 damage…constantly. Didn’t get better when he tried to hit a DoK or sorceress. To balance that, the enemy could hit really hard. Well that is fun. Right now the balance (pop and average renown rank) is imo quiet ill.

This gets enhanced as some order folks took the oppurtinity and didn’t transfer right now, but stay at Carroburg and farm empty cities for easy renown and gear.

Can’t blame any player from Carroburg (neither Destruction or Order) for doing the things that they do..but right now, the game is dead for me. I have no clue if the new hard hitting destruction groups are good..or are just strong because of the totally overpowered gear. Maybe both..but we won’t find that out in the near future.

I didn’t like the tiny RvR lakes when the new player weren’t there..but now it’s a constant rush hour and you can’t turn around without facing a warband. There’s no room for anything else beside that zerg stuff. And that is quiet boring.

Boring.. well.. that’s the only thing that comes up to my mind when I think about the “RvR campaign” system. Fighting for a keep is static..especially when this is the only thing you do as a objective in every f***** tier, map.

So ..what options do I have? Play on a different server? I’m still having some Destruction toons on Badlands and now some on Gorfang.. Start again as Order .. or quit the game altogether, because Mythic can’t handle the game?

Don’t come with Rift.. I took a look at the last beta event and underwhelming is all I can say, but that might be a bit too harsh, because I only played to level12. It was enough that I just didn’t want to further look at it. I’m not saying that it’s a bad game, that’s just my personal taste and it says, that Rift is nothing for me.

Looks like I will wait how things evolve.. and if things don’t change in the next few weeks I’ll just quit and wave WAR goodbye. It just looks like it’s just getting more that it’s only the gear and RR that matters in RvR and you have no way of equalizing the battleground by personal skill. It’s ok for higher RR-ranked players to have an advantage over lower ranked players, but the advantage shouldn’t be that high that it is now. But that’s not the point of WAR.. getting renown doesn’t need any form of skill..you could level up by just running with the zerg…you can get the equipment by running with the zerg or farming empty instances.. you can get sc-weapons by being idle.. WAR is not about fighting right now.. it’s WAG..Warhammer: Age of Grinding.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted February 11, 2011 by Karic in Community, General, RvR, Scenario, WAR

5 responses to “Right in the face..

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  1. To limit yourself to Mythic coming up with something in the next few weeks is unrealistic. You might as well stop your subscription now.

    Allow yourself a couple of months and you’ll have more hope of seeing a gameplan from Mythic that fully addresses the issues of armour.

    • I hope that the population balance gets better after the remaining Order players get to Drakenwald and things return to somehow “normal” levels.

      In respect to Mythic doing anything.. I don’t think that I should bet on that ;) Looking back what happened in the last year, there is not much hope for any solution coming from Mythic. If I cancel my subscription, this will be the end of my WAR-Time. I’ve never came back to games which frustrated me that much that I quit them.

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  3. Dear zizlak,

    I just yesterday transfered from Carroburg and I understand your frustration. I hope you can hang in there, just as al lot of order on caroburg players had to for the last several month (if not longer). Unfortunately there is not much hope that casual players just have to get the rr and gear to compete against these premades. I am afraid they are not only ovrpowered, but also really good (if this is just the effect of skill or also of “nerfed buttons no one will ever know ;) ). At least on Drakenwald there are still destro players than can be killed!

    • I’ve stumbled upon one premade that has high rr and plays good… most of the time I happen to fight against rr90+ who can’t play their character. but can ..and do..rely on the gear. The frustration doesn’t come from being steamrolled all the day..that happened before, but this time I’m frustrated because I’m often not losing because the enemy is better.. many of them are just better geared (because Carroburg was so lopsided in terms of population) and no matter how good we work together as a team..we won’t win, because no one will die from getting hit for 15 points ;)

      It’s hard to determine and acknockledge the good premades because of this gear and renown disparity..and that’s Mythic’s fault (maybe my next rant will be about this..but the next post will be something more positive ..I promise ;) )… oh..and what’s enhancing my frustration is the inability to run into the rvr lakes with only one group. Even well known premades from both realms run around in at least half-warband strength because of the masses of players.

      Zerglings maybe like it.. but I am none of them. I’m still having the hope that it will equal out a bit when the rest of Order comes to Drakenwald, but it will be even more crowded.

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