Let it explode.   2 comments

I’m just wondering if anyone has actually seen the new mounts which come with the “RvR”  Personality pack.

My greatest fear atm. is that Mythic adds some more horses. I’m a true believer that no dwarf should sit on a horse. It looks quiet ridiculous when you see some dwarf on a horse  the art department rolled a critical error in that case ;) ).

Dwarfs needs something that is fueled by some exploding or burning stuff.. not carrots! I’m not sure where, but I think that I’ve seen dark elf mounts somewhere associated to the personality pack. Hopefully the dwarves get their copter or something similar. Otherwise I have to die more often in RvR, because I refuse to buy a horse for my dwarves.. Those 5-10% speed increase would be nice, but no horses for me ;)






Posted November 10, 2010 by Karic in WAR

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2 responses to “Let it explode.

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  1. Don’t quote me but on the Verminous Horde page they have some photos … I think one of them is some tricked out gyrocopter looking thing.

  2. The new mounts look pretty much like the other ones from what I’ve seen.

    A guildie of mine got it…



    They are pretty fast though

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