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Yep..I’m still alive, but don’t have much time to post new stuff. Anyways..most bloggers now write about the PTS and RvR pack stuff.. I won’t as I’m still not sure if this is going to be the point where I leave WAR.

What have I done lately in WAR? Well.. some really mindless running around besides the zerg or just solo in the RvR lakes. Yes..solo as a Runepriest (in heal gear and heal-tactic-set ;) )..but it’s quiet a like a Zen meditation.  Your brain can go on a white noise level, while you earn quiet a big amount of renown.

As Erdknuffel wrote on (Sorry.. I’m just too lazy to search for the correct link and I quote quiet freely here ;)), this game is.. as casual friendly as it gets.

Well.. maybe that’s the wrong term. There is a difference between casual friendly and effortless. Right now you don’t need any effort in this game to make renown. You can grind your renown way up to RR80 without having a clue about the game. WAR is always going this dangerous walk between casual friendly and “too easy”. This game is in a term casual friendly, as you can do something without much planning in advance, you hop into RvR (either in an alliance warband, solo, group, random warband..many options there), do some PvE, where most instances are quiet fast or just hop into a scenario… Accessibility to all those parts of the game is quiet good and fast.

The problem lies not in the accessibility, but in the personal skill needed for reaching something. Most restrictions are watered down, because someone complains about something being too difficult ..

I like the changes to the ORvR which the new patch will bring.. It supports more organized groups/warbands.. which might be one of the reasons why order on Drakenwald will have a hard time ;) However for some reason I still can not get enthusiastic about the patch… Maybe I’m just too much concerned about the lore-breaking changes (hey..I started on a RP-server for some reason!).. maybe it’s just the imbalance I expect from the new sets and RR-related stuff.. Maybe it’s my fear about the quality testing department at Mythic.. I have no clue. If Mythic would just change ORvR I would definitely stay. With all that stuff in the RvR packs I’m not sure.

Until then I will just do my Zen stuff and run around ..solo..most of the time without a warband or group. It’s kinda relaxing, because I don’t care about anything…

Karic (


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