Why WAR needs such a low TTK   4 comments

Everyone is aware, that the time to kill (TTK) is too low in WAR. Therefore Mythic added some ridiculous stuff for sov-bonuses, like crit-immunity, moral-drain etc..

I want to tell you today why WAR needs such a low TTK… It’s the $)§&$* size of the rvr-lakes. You can’t fall down without hitting someone from your own realm or someone from the opposing realm. If it happens that you have a longer fight chances are quiet high that you get some “help”. Long fights tend to be a minute or longer. The most likely option that you don’t get any strangers adding to the fight is that there is a 6vs6-event with rules of engagement…

Will this change in the future? No. Mythic is imho doing the right thing when and how they try to disperse the zerg. The rvr lake size problem remains though..it get’s even more emphasized. I admit that it’s a tricky thing to balance how to disperse the zerg without spreading the players too much, but to be honest..I don’t think that many folks out there try to find a decent fight.. most are happy if they can grind their renown in the bombodrome thing that ORvR is right now. Get some renown..get some free loot and that’s all. To me this is one of the reasons why people don’t play their RR80ies..nothing to grind/leech and why many folks like the new cities..easy loot ;)

Anyway..I’m drifting away. The TTK.. it has to be so low, because otherwise you can’t kill someone without getting someone adding to the fight. With RR100 and new RvR-equipment the TTK will not get any higher.. most likely it will get shorter, because of RR- and therefore the eq-difference. That is the main reason why the TTK is so low.

One thing to note though is that if you fight against similar equipped enemies the TTK is perfect..there you have really fun fights which last for some minutes with much action going on. That may be a problem for PTS too.. You have RR80-templates there. How things in a mixed (sov down to annihilator-equipment) vs. premade/high-rr warband look like isn’t tested.

The problem in this game isn’t the career balancing..it’s the equipment that is making the TTK so unpredictable. Every soft target know how it feels to be the victim of a drive-by-kill from a high-rr dps ;) Sadly most fights are based around the equipment (and number of participants, but that is something different, because it’s not design related)..

So if Mythic wants to get control of the TTK they should look at the zone layout and equipment-differences by RR. I know that Mythic isn’t planning to change the RvR lake-layout for several reasons.. but I just have to speak this out every couple of weeks. ;)

To end with something positive…I think that the career balance is this game is quiet good. Of course there are some minor flaws, but in general I like it.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted October 13, 2010 by Karic in General, RvR, WAR

4 responses to “Why WAR needs such a low TTK

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  1. As RR58 BW, I’m spend so much time looking at the respawn window, it can be quite depressing.

    I can’t kill many characters before they are smacking my head on the ground. Tanks and melee dps, no wins, healers just grind me down, other caster classes, comes down to who gets the drop on whom. Though squid herders just laugh at me.

    Sorry had to have a whine …..

    Depressed Of Altdorf.

    • For a BW it’s just a matter of group setup and equipment. With good healers in your back you can (well..better said will) be quiet a factor on the battlefield when your RR is in the 70ies.

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