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As I said in my last post.. I’m quiet busy right now with RL stuff, this includes a new job, moving to a new city etc.. So in the next couple of weeks I will rarely have time to play and/or post stuff about WAR.

This is one of the reasons why I canceled my subscription. Doesn’t make sense to pay for a game that I can’t play ;)

There are other things though.. In the last couple of weeks the game wasn’t much fun for me. This is because of some individual reasons and some fundamental issues in terms of game performance and design stuff from Mythic. Will those issues be resolved with patch 1.4 and the RvR packs? I don’t think so. I will not go too much into details why, but I want to comment on the changes on the ORvR mechanic. Those are imo based around the zerg experience. Smaller groups might have a little bit more room for fighting..but to be honest, I don’t think that this will make small group play more interesting. This might be irrelevant as the ORvR in general is based around large fighting forces and for them this new ORvR is going to make the fighting/locking more interesting. So it’s just my aim for a game that doesn’t fit to these changes..

One thing Mythic should try to avoid is the overuse of a well accepted mechanic. I often read now that these ORvR changes were made because the changes to the city siege were well received. Maybe the city siege is now more fun than before, but often it lacks of a match-making system and the fights are in at least 8/10 cases one sided and/or boring. Many premades I know of now only go with two groups into an instance, because otherwise the fights are predetermined and they steamroll the opposition. Even if the weren’t boring it’s dangerous to have nearly the same mechanic, in this case sappers or NPCs to guard, for every aspect of RvR in the game.

Second thing to note are of course the Skaven. I stay short here.. I just don’t like the idea of how they affect the game. The dungeon might be fun..but most likely will turn into the same thing like the city siege were people leave when they start to lose. Skaven working openly together with either of the realms is another just seems wrong to me. Well.. maybe I just care too much about lore or even don’t know the lore good enough, but this just doesn’t feel right.

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Posted October 8, 2010 by Karic in General, PvE, RvR, WAR, Warhammer

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  1. good luck with the move and new job! :D
    take a look at Guild Wars 2; thats the game i’m looking forward to in the future

  2. Very good points you made there.

    Dead on the money with the over use mechanic of the City seige mechanic. I think the Mob bosses in the dungeon are there to make it still a challenge, even if the other side buggers off.

    I know what you mean about the game. I’m bashing my head in, with frustration at the amount of effort to acquire the necesary insignia to get the invader caster staff.

    If you say it’s 360 scenarios (average of 2 invader crests from one fused = 710 required) at 10 min a scenario, you are looking at 3600 mins = 60 hours. Just for one staff. I’m sorry that’s a crazy time sink.

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