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you have a severe case of server lag, when you die in ORvR, release and after 5s some funny red numbers scroll above your head.

This happened yesterday when I was in ORvR..I had no idea how many folks were in the lake, but the server decided that it was too much ;) Everyone had terrible lags.. stuns lasted for several minutes.. spells didn’t fire off at all (even though the client was finished with the animations).  It was so bad that we decided to do some PvE instead of trying to grab some renown while the Renown-Bonus lasted.

There is something good to point out though.. There are lots of players still active..they just need some impulse to get into the lakes. Now only the servers need to support this ;)

Karic (


Posted September 21, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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  1. Very very true. More hamsters to the main engine room, please.

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