Time flies by..   1 comment

Well. 2 year anniversary and we all got renown bonus for the weekend.

Hooray… except. I was away for the weekend, because RL has a higher priority than gaming and so I  had nearly nothing from the bonus. The rest of the guild made around 400k of renown/day..*eyeroll*

Well renown will come sooner or later.. In my case later, because this is the second renown bonus weekend I missed. I am just wondering why it’s always a weekend. Some folks will have more time for gaming on weekends..some more during the week. Restricting the bonus to the weekends seems somewhat unfair.. *shrug*

Second thing that I don’t like about this.. It’s an anniversary and all we got was some renown bonus which is turned on by changing one variable. This is nothing special to celebrate the fact that WAR is two years old. Last year there were cloaks and other stuff..This year..not even a handshake.

Nevertheless.. this fits into he uninspired “more, stronger, farther”-mentality Mythic has shown in the past couple of month .. (just look at the RvR pack and some balance changes..sov-gear etc..).. It looks like the new and different approaches are gone and we get all the stuff we are used from other games, which is imo no good thing..

Am I bitter because of the missed renown? No.. I’m just asking myself were WAR is going …

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

Posted September 20, 2010 by Karic in General, WAR

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  1. Andy said yesterday its just the kickoff for the anniversary :D

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