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Erdknuffel wrote something (caution: German blog ;) ) about missed opportunities… His post was focused on the (German) Fan/Community sites and their bad.. performance concerning WAR. Most of the time those portals are dead, have old information or just translate the herald. Adding the usual trolling on multi-game sites this makes those sites not very appealing for getting you dose of information about WAR.

I never much cared about the German Gaming/Community portals.. It was just too much work to get some useful information out of them. Therefore I didn’t even followed them at the release of WAR and nowadays they are even less useful. Most if the time  I was searching at US sites for some  information. This is part of the reason why I don’t write this blog in German..

There is something related to this.. problem of inactive/bad German Community portals. I’ve noticed that Mythic has somehow changed their effort in .. going out there. There are some events happening.. like GamesCon and other conventions when there is a fan get together with Andy and Dev’s.. but in general in my perception Mythic is currently really low on community activity. From a German point of view you don’t see any Dev-reaction at all to things that matter over here.. (not even a translation of a “we look at it”). The whole contact of the German community is going through volunteers like Erdknuffel and Ayleen. Even the activity in other forms seems rather low from the side of Mythic. Gone are the days of some viral marketing via blogs and even the production videos get sparse. Well.. with a patch every 3-5 months there is not always some patch to talk about, but a short “state of the game”, behind the curtain or similar video.. like the producers letter is for the herald would be nice.

This may be a reason why some people believe that WAR is in maintainence mode. A more upfront contact to the community might lessen that. Tell the people what is happening and not only wait for questions which are forbidden to be answered because marketing has told you so. Best example is the RvR pack.. the information about it is “There will be a RvR pack”.. this is not something to get excited about, as there is absolutely no information other than “There will be more Renown ranks available and more equipment”. That’s not only a short-sighted design decision concerning the game .. but also hype-wise nothing were people stand up and cheer “yeah.. that’s THE thing”.  Maybe we will never see such nice things like the introduction to LotD and the marketing Mythic has done at that time.. maybe this times are gone…

Oh.. and finally.. Why this title? As a reaction of his post and the general positive replies to it, Erdknuffel started a German Community ..site.. WAAAGH.de (it’s in German of course). Can you believe it..the url was still free?! ;) It’s not even beta yet.. but the activity level seems good and I hope that this will get the new home of the German WAR community.. Maybe even Mythic will recognize it as this ;)

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

Posted September 17, 2010 by Karic in Community, WAR

3 responses to “WAAAGH me up..before you go go

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  1. I know it does not help but I feel for you and everyone else outside of NA that enjoys Warhammer Online. With the official drop of support to the Asian market I hope they can move the translation resources to more profitable markets in the EU.

  2. I am going to find and check out some of these portals today,maybe find a really good one.I did not know WAR was acting up there.Cant believe there is no support.

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