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Maybe I should start twitter with this short format of posts ;)

This news in the herald about the live event NPC removal due to effect on server performance made me.. think again. What the…?

It’s one NPC and they can’t fix it and it decreases server performance in the Capitol city region? This makes me rather speechless. Well.. not so speechless like the never-ending lag in front of the library in uncontested Altdorf. I guess this one will never be fixed, because now it’s already a tradition to have a lag/fps-issue in front of the library. You should think that a open texture is easily fixed..well maybe not. The game is quiet full of those things. To me it seems sometimes as such things were never checked and therefore persist and some even exploit it..

I’m atm not sure where the game is heading, but I’m rather sceptical that it will be towards better fights (i.e. zone design and performance) and more towards unnecessary fluff (RR100, better armor, more of this and more of that to collect)..

Seems quiet negative? Well.. yes. The game is heading into a direction I don’t like ..but let’s see. Maybe Mythic surprises me.

Karic (


Posted September 10, 2010 by Karic in WAR

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