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This is something I have to ask myself often since patch 1.3.6. Most of the time it’s really difficult to say what is going on, as I experience some severe server/client lag and the loss of my castbar doesn’t improve this. As a healer it’s easiest to compensate this stuff by spamming group-heals, but this is by far not the most effective way (especially with my spec), but better play at 80% effectiveness than at 0 %.

I am used to client side problems as my rig is..bad..really bad..Pentium D bad, but it seems to me that the performance of the game is totally luck and more based on chaos theory than on setup of your PC. Sometimes the game runs smooth for me, but others complain about lag..most of the time though it’s the other way around. Funnily I have no problem with ctd’s when there are a lot of players around, but others with better machines do get kicked..

Whatever..this is not what I wanted to write about. On of the things that bothers me is that this server/client lag is frustrating. In a RvR-game you die..you die a lot, but I want to know why I die and I want to die, because the opponent is better, not because he/she had some luck and hat less lag.. The client performance needs to increase..not the obtainable RR. It’s also no fun to see how you kill someone, because he can’t do anything because of the amount of attacks (not damage) you deal and the lag this produces on his/her machine.

Things start to get really frustrating when the game gives no feedback.. I guess every healer experienced it that the heal got through (gcd fired of, ap got reduces), but the health-bar did not change in any way (sometimes even the combat log doesn’t show it, but let me not start about the combat log ; )). This hp-bar reaction should have been improved in patch 1.3.6, but I think it’s still nowhere near good.

Another thing that is related to the lag-issues..this is the point why I even started this rambling..

Sometimes the enemies behave strange. Yesterday I saw a Sorceress strafe in mid-air for nearly 20s ..Sometimes melee dps hit me from the top of a wall while I’m standing way below them for several seconds and so on. This is most likely related to lag and therefore the wrong positions my client is showing me (I don’t think that there are that much cheats/hacks around as I experience weird stuff).. So I’m sometimes not really knowing what my own character is doing, but more than often I have no clue where everyone else is, because my client is just showing the wrong positions. This has nothing to do with my hardware, but is a fault by Mythic’s Engineers. Oh..btw. I’m not talking about the monster called Zerg vs. Zerg..This even happens in small scale fights like scenarios or roaming through less populated zones.

So what this game needs more than anything else is performance improvement.. Maybe than those “X,Y..are all cheaters” will get less, because people now understand and see what is happening and don’t just die and have no clue why. Also melee range might get one digit sized again ;)

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted September 8, 2010 by Karic in General, RvR, Scenario, WAR

2 responses to “What am I doing? What are you doing?

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  1. I feel for you I really do. I have not experienced the “Lag” per say if anything for myself I have seen less. That aside I have noticed more strangeness over all such as following another member of a warband then his avatar ‘jumps’ forwards a sizable distance or my party / warband members list drops from normal to every distant. A few others but those two are (for me) the most common. I am not placing blame squarely on 1.3.6 exactly but I hey what do I know right…

  2. Lags are elveswork!

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