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So I’m back and from my vacation I took a cold as a souvenir. ;)

Besides sneezing the whole time I tried to catch up with the news about the RvR pack, did play some WAR and our guild had a RL guild meeting last weekend.

The guild meeting was fun. It’s always interesting to meet the people behind those characters. We drank beer, some have sung a song and we burped, as someone brought a Wii to the meeting. Dwarf-only guilds are the best ;)

Concerning WAR (RvR pack, etc..) .. my mood is atm not so positive. Since the move from GOA to Mythic the performance of the game reached an all-time low. It’s totally horrible playing a Runepriest as there still is the cast-bar bug and you have no idea what you are currently doing. At least I have no clue as I mix several spells and have no fixed rotation for healing. Therefore I need to know what my character is currently doing, but with no reliable cast bar..and several animation bugs it’s totally hopeless to even try to be an effective healer in any way. The new mechanic is still horrible, as it restricts me too much. Well.. I could use those glowing hands if someone of the group needs a beacon if he/she gets lost. Server lag for me is still a big issue and I can’t tell if the warping enemies are cheating or if it’s just the server performance… the game is currently in a state where it’s not much fun to play because those bugs and poor performance.

Adding to this comes the news about the RvR pack. There is not even the slightest glimpse of hype around it.. no looking forward to it. It’s more like a.. “Do I want to grind any more renown ranks, just for the sake of it or just for better equipment”? The information about it is slim and the new producer’s letter isn’t telling anything new, even though Mythic always pointed to the letter for further information.. well.. marketing is telling something different than Andy it seems.

I don’t like the tone of those RvR packs. Vertical progression is something the players are used to from other MMOs, yes.. but it’s imho not the route a RvR based game should take. The tyrant set showed that this is a bad way for WAR.

My problem with WAR right now is.. it’s not about fighting.. Everything is based  around tokens, points and such stuff.. therefore all RvR action is based around keeps, objectives and zone locking. There is hardly any room for fighting. The whole design is not around giving places to fight other than some BO’s and keeps. Only Praag offers enough options for small groups when there is a zerg around. Thankfully our guild runs a rvr roaming group for seeking fights and not for pure/easy renown grind. If I want to farm.. I get to the garden.

For some reason a quote from Groundhog day comes to my mind:

You want a prediction about the weather, you’re asking the wrong Phil. I’ll give you a winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.

And here is the video to this quote.. that catches my mood towards WAR quiet good ;)

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