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Patch 1.3.6 is going live now.. Full patch notes are as always found at the herald.

Well.. The patch has some good and some bad stuff..

Just what pops up in my mind..


Choppa lose their armor debuff and get a heal debuff instead. Funnily the heal-debuff will not do as much damage as the armor debuff ;)


Resistance reduction by their aura is getting..reduced.


Runepriest (and Zelot changes..whereas I agree that the harbinger/transference had to be changed). Overall this “buff” will nerf both careers in funneling them into a defined role without giving them anything as a benefit. No.. making Conquerer/Invader now useful when you are trying to heal is not good. It’s just bad itemization. At least as a Runepriest I think that career is heavily dependent on equipment and switching stances won’t make that bad equipment into something uber..It’s a improvement to being just crap instead of totally f**** crap ;)


Armor debuff for White Lions..  This will boost the damage from that career by a huuuuge amount. I’m waiting for the QQ-posts .. ;) This debuff is too much.

I’m taking some days off and go to Amrum. Some fresh sea air might help me with the allergy which is really bad this year..and maybe the bugs/problems after the patch are solved when I’m back.

Karic (


Posted August 17, 2010 by Karic in General

3 responses to “There it is

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  1. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Have fun and return refreshed! :)

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