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I know..I was a bit silent this week. Hay fever is currently ruining my nights, so I’m too busy in getting at day to get my work done on my PhD thesis and have no time for writing other stuff here.

It’s a little late, but there were no additional replies on my proposed date for making the group photo of the WAR-Bloggers, which means that we will be not really many Bloggers (6 was the last count) for this picture, but it’s a start ;) Maybe we can arrange another meeting with more Bloggers participating.

So Saturday I will be on Warpstone at 0:00 (central european time). This should be GMT+1 and 18:00 US East coast time (GMT-6). I will wait in the Chaoswastes at the south-west BO, which is the statue if I remember right. This should be easily reachable by anyone.

If we want a friendlier environment we could also move to Eataine, maybe between the middle BO and east-keep. This can be decided when we took the first picture and see how many Bloggers we have.

Karic (


Posted July 30, 2010 by Karic in Community

5 responses to “Click..again?

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  1. I’ll meet you there on a witch elf!

  2. Hey Karic,

    gibt es bezüglich heut Abend irgendetwas neues?

  3. Bah, I couldn’t get online because of a major thunderstorm :(

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