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The resonance on my suggestion for a group photo was small, but positive..

I thought about the possibilities to make such a photo. At the beginning I had a regular server in mind for such a photo, but this would mean that some bloggers couldn’t attend with their main chars. This is somehow sub-optimal.. ;)

A better server for such a photo would be Warpstone as every Blogger could transfer/copy to it. It’s now open for patch 1.3.6 and so everyone should be able to log onto it.

Edit: Arrgh.. I just saw that there are no character copies available, just templates… *grumbles*

There is just this date-problem.. It has to be a weekend so that this event doesn’t interfere too much with RL. This weekend would be too soon, but what about the weekend after this one. On a Saturday maybe..

The general time I would aim for would be around 18:00 Eastern Time (US, i.e. UTC -6), which should be 0:00 CET (i.e. UTC+1). So the EU-Bloggers won’t have to stay awake too long and the US-ones won’t have to set an alarm clock ;).

Up to now I have received answers by 6 Bloggers (including those comments here)..It’s not much so I ask you to make some advertisement on your Blogs, so that we get more Bloggers for that picture.



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  2. You know I could go for that only, I have no idea what this UTC, CET, MDK, WTF hour talk is all about. I work with GMT times. I guess i could Google it but I’m so damn lazy! :P

    I’ll see what I have planned for the weekend after this one but I’ll try and make it. :)

  3. Apart from the 31/7 I should be fine.

    • Well.. the date was just a first idea. I think that a Saturday will cause the least amount of problems to most of the bloggers. It’s quiet tricky to think of a date/time at which most of the bloggers could appear.

      I’m also not sure if this is enough “preparation”-time, but one week might be enough time to get this 15min or so this picture might take to make.

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