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I’m not sure if you are familiar with that term, but at least in Germany this is a term for people not really doing anything and just follow the zerg. By this they earn renown without any need for skill or actual thinking.

This is a valid option in WAR, but I just can’t understand why it’s fun. Well that’s their decision and I don’t blame them for that easy path. There are other options to play this game without any great need for skill.. one is the use of addons/macros which automatize your gameplay.

I know of many guilds who claim “we are not cheating and just use addons which can be get at curse.”. Well.. that’s a little bit simple as an argument for not cheating. On curse you get addons which automate your gameplay..and this is imo cheating. Best example is autofocus (don’t know the exact name of that addon right now as the EU forums are closed). it’s an addon that checks every 0.5 s if you have the same target as the assist-leader and if not it adjusts your target.  No need for your interference after setting the assist-leader.

So you don’t even need any communication through voice chat..or think about target changing.. you don’t need to coordinate in any way..just cycle through your skill rotation and everything is fine. You will make no errors..or switch to late onto another target.. So basically with this addon you just don’t need to train with your group.. look how the others play. Essentially you just leave out all that is supposed to be team work. I don’t understand where the fun part is (other than earning easy renown)..the fun in WAR is all about group (warband) play and how you play together. This addon just cuts those essential part and leaves.. just pixels.

And now I will make some healers hate me.. Click-casting is in the same category.. Not as severe, but this addon functionality gives you functions which the core game just isn’t offering you. I know that this statement leaves me out there to be attacked, but to me it’s a difference if I change the appearance of things or add additional functions.

I could name a few others..but most of them are more greyish.

Funny thing is..I’m an addon-addict. From the first day in WAR I used unit buff-indicators..some crafting stuff.. and I don’t want to play without them. I think addons are good, but need some more restrictions. I don’t like it when addons take away your decisions and actions. They should help you but not take over ..  Would WAR be a PvE game I wouldn’t complain, but it’s focus is PvP.. not PvS (Player vs. Script)…so use your skills as a player..and a character.

p.s.: Gromson wrote something about that too (in German). No wonder we came to the same conclusion.. Same guild ..same play style  ;)

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  1. Click-casting is in no way comparable with auto-assist.

    You decide which spell to cast. You decide who you cast it on. You decide when you cast it. Exactly the same as if you healed without it.

    You’re not changing or reducing any of the mental steps in the mechanic. You are reducing an unnecessary keypress.

    This is exactly what good UI design is about – making the process of the mind happen on the computer. Same as windows moved on from MS-Dos. Same processes, easier keypresses.

    • Click-casting isn’t that much of a problem to me like auto-assist is..and you are right when you correct me on that. Even though I think that it’s not exactly like the way you would do it without that feature, it’s nothing compared to auto-assist.
      It just popped up in my mind when I wrote the post. I just mentioned it as it is one of those features that I personally don’t like and never use, but that is more or less just a matter of taste..not of mind-dumb-cheating.

  2. As a healer myself, I tend to agree with you about click-casting (if I understand you correctly).

    Now, I’m all about using customized unit frames that help me target my group more simply, and keep a better eye on their hp, but I much prefer the flexibility of non-click casting.

    For instance, Squared is my unit frame of choice, but all it does is consolidate my party/warband, give me some information about them, and put them in a nice neat box which I can watch and use to target them individually. All of the actual healing is done by my left hand (all hail the N52!).

    The auto-focus is a function in Enemy (which most of the better players leave turned off as it is very inconvenient to have your target switch when it is at 2%hp…), and there is always the infamous NerfButtons (cheating at its best, IMO … way to remove any kind of skill from the game…)

    So, in the end, agreed. Addons are indeed your friend, but they should NOT be a substitution for actual game play.

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