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Let’s talk about those who freshly entered T4..

Most likely those people will search for the Annihilator Set, but let’s be honest.. chances are very slim that they get it by capturing keeps. So most likely those people have to rely on Officer Medallions .. and to some small degree on the bags which they might get from the guild, but the latter is rather unlikely.

So..Officer Medallions.. Anyone noticed that they are now really sparse and tricky to get? When you kill someone you get nowadays most likely Invader crests and above. Officer Medallions don’t drop that often..Back before the last patch you could easily change the higher crests to Medallions and be a happy Annihilator. Now it’s easier to obtain Invader than Annihilator gear..which is somewhat strange, but a obvious side effect from changing the conversion rate from 1:5 to 1:1 and making the city sieges that **** frequent.

My Slayer got most of his Officer Medallions from T3 when he killed those R31 alts.. Now I’m thinking about buying the Conquerer Set, but I have way to few Medallions because I’m already looking at Invader (I don’ rely on the city bags.. Too much based on luck and I just don’t like to do the city siege that often..). The crests are not the problem, but the Medallions..

I’m not sure if this was intended, but this 1:1 conversion  system is unfriendly to lower ranked players. This is something which will hopefully change in the future..The easiest way would be to enable Conquerer Crests to be broken down at the old rate, i.e. 1:5 and leave the higher crests in the current state (1:1). This would increase the overall Officer Medallions to some small degree, enable folks to buy Annhilator and above gear, but would not increase them too much..

Another twist would be that the merchants convert the Medallions.. If I remember right the merchants below T4 allow you to buy a chest which converts e.g. a T3 Medallion to five T2 ones. I’m not sure if this system still exists, but  why can’t  there be such a thing for T4 with Conquerer Crests?

I’m not sure if this are good ideas, but I hope that there will be something done.. It’s just not right that you have more problems with getting Annihilator gear than with Invader.

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Posted June 30, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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  1. Conqueror and Anhiliator are hard to get.

  2. A: Tokens have always been the secondary system for obtaining gear.

    B: You can buy the gold bags with Anni/Conq off other guilds as well and not bother with tokens at all.

    C: You can still break down the crap-ton of higher-level tokens that are dropping into Officer’s, most people just still hoard them because of the hold-over effect of their old rarity.

    • C: This holds only for people who don’t need Annihilator or Conquerer gear anyways. My thoughts..and complains had those in mind who freshly entered T4. There you don’t have that much of the higher tokens and won’t get enough of them hitting RR33. The current system just feels weird because it’s easier to obtain higher-RR gear than those basic sets.

      B: At least on Drakenwald they don’t sell them to folks outside of the guild. I had the luck that my guild had some bags with Annihilator gear.. but already Conquerer will get tricky.

      A: Yes.. but this is just on paper. In reality (well.. on Drakenwald-EU) Annihilator is most likely obtained by tokens and not by those bags.

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  4. A: I’m still not too bothered by that tbh. I leveled my main through Anni back before there were tokens at all. It was an outrageously painful process. It is far easier now, by leaps and bounds, regardless of what you see as the perceived lack of tokens. What seems to truly be lacking is perspective. People had it far too easy for far too long and now that things are corrected, people complain because they have to work to progress.

    B: Not much you can do if people are being asses on your server. However, even in my 2-person guild, we find keeps to claim when we need to gear people up and don’t have the tokens.

    C: That’s not true at all. The fact is you can participate in EVERY aspect of the campaign now as a R32/RR0 toon if you want and earn tons of tokens and gear. I have multiple R40/RR30ish toons that not only have Sov/War/Inv gear in the bank, but earn tons of tokens in the Cities to purchase whatever gear they don’t loot with. As I need to buy Anni or Conq, I break down the higher-end tokens starting with Royals as that level is the furthest off for me progression-wise. By the time I need those again, I’ll have had plenty of time to earn them.

    The “feel” of obtaining higher-end gear faster than lower-end gear comes from the fact that Cities are happening so often and there are far more bags to go around there due to lockout timers. The thing is, that actually makes it EASIER to buy the lower-end items since you don’t need to save your tokens for the high-end ones.

    • I had little problems in getting Annihilator gear, because I earned the tokens and bags in T3, but the whole distribution process just doesn’t feel right..This is the reason why I wrote this..

      The frequent city sieges..well.. they destroy much of the fun in the game for me.. and I don’t think that I’m alone there. I admit that the token distribution is not in a “game-breaking” off-balance, but I just think that the distribution of loot and the difficulty of getting several sets is off balance and seems quiet weird to me. Don’t you think that it’s somewhat wrong, that it’s easier to get full invader by RR35 than full annihilator (without spending gold for it)? Conquerer is another story..

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