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So.. we are moving in the next couple of days to the new servers. The time frame is quiet tight, as I hoped to have a week between the announcement and the actual transfer (even though the German CM Ryoshu warned on friday that the transition might be really soon). That happened quiet often in the “history” of WAR.. long silence and than quiet fast action (but in the past it were the days patches went live which sometimes surprised me).

Today is the date where the copies of the characters and guilds are made for the new servers…so for nearly a week there is no progression pixel-wise. I’m ok with that, but actually many people from our alliance won’t play at all.. I think that this will be a common phenomenon on the other servers. I’m curious if there will be any real fights or just testing of ridiculous specs… How is RvR going when there is no opposition?

I wouldn’t expect many healers out there.. most of them might check out the dps-spec.. maybe even I will try it with my Rune Priest. I might even reactivate my gobbos or the blorc. This is all feeling somewhat weird…but it’s a nice test.. what is the purpose of a MMO when there are no pixels to hunt for and how do the people react?

Most of the time I have short-term goals when I log on or play a character more often than the others.. This week will be different as there is nothing to achieve. I’m also wondering how the scenarios will be as people now don’t try to hunt for those tokens.. and as the renown is irrelevant they will not care about any idle-hands or quitter-debuff.

What would you do if there is nothing to hunt for in a MMO?

This all is a drastic ..cut in the routine people are used to when they log on.

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Posted June 29, 2010 by Karic in Community, WAR

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