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So.. another Producers Letter is out. Overall not much facts about the future, but that’s ok as there is enough to discuss about in it ;)

Carrie discusses the reasoning behind the opening of playing both realms on one server. I still don’t get it why it has to be that bit-logic. If there is just one server for one language I think it’s ok to open the realms, but as a general option it remains wrong in terms of the leftovers of the thing called realm pride.

I have not much to say to the cosmetic changes. Seems quiet nice to have an option to choose the look of your char (especially as I don’t like the warlord-equipment for the Runepriest). I’m somewhat looking forward to the armor redesigns as the Runepriest look quiet similar from sentinel to warlord set (only minor changes to the shoulder part, but the rest is almost the same).

For me the most interesting part is of course the proposed changes to the Zelot/Runepriest.. Sounds interesting, but too few facts. Basically both careers now get some sort of stance mechanic.. hum..Mythic and stance mechanics didn’t work out that well in the past, but I’m willing to get surprised by the changes ;) Anyways..I don’t think that both careers need that much fixing.. some more options yes, but the general career need only some minor tweaking.

I’m happy with this stance mechanic as it seems to work at one of the biggest drawbacks of the Runepriests..It’s the itemization. Runepriests get more competetive with better gear.. I currently run 4 pieces warlord and 3 dark promise and it works imo somewhat well. Previously Conquerer/Invader equipment was just not worth to look at if you try to be a Runepriests don’t need to do PvE, but can obtain some ok-gear by  PvP (no.. freenowning and city sieges aren’t RvR ). So getting that heal-crit in “heal-mode” by converting the magic-crit from Conquerer/Invader seems nice for rr-range 40-67. I’m looking forward to some more details



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