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I’m not sure if I’m the only one out there who has a problem with scenario-queues lately, but in the last couple of days it rarely happened that I entered a scenario and was happy because I could expect a decent fight.

Most of the time the scenario is already running for several minutes and the general direction of the outcome is.. set. When it happened that I was there at the start..well, then we were approx. one group vs. 2 full groups.. or the other way around.

So despite the general getting crushed by premades..or steamrolling the enemy (because most scenarios end to be a spawn point camping..it’s just a question which spawn point is being camped.).. you also face the problem with lopsided number of combatants in the beginning of the scenario.

I wonder if that problem could be solved by increasing the preparation timer from 30s upwards to maybe one or two minutes? If the scenario pops up, you may already delay the entering by one minute… so why start the scenario 30s earlier than those people who have to think about it (or delay it for another reason) may decide?

I would like both sides ready for the fight and not that imbalanced stuff I currently face…at least number wise a balanced start shouldn’t be that much of problem. I’m not even talking about setups..just numbers.



Posted May 27, 2010 by Karic in General, Scenario, WAR

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