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It’s been a long weekend with little time for WAR..but finally (after one year) my Runepriest got his name back.

It happened that at the server transfer back in may 09 I had to change my name from Karic to Carik..with no Karic present on the destination server I was quiet frustrated that I had to change my name.  I had a weird error message when trying to add him to my friend list, so it couldn’t be order or destro and there was no sign ever of a Karic on the realm war page.. I tested it all.. but no Karic out there.

So I wrote an ingame ticket asking if my name could be changed…but nothing happened.

So last friday I tried for the first time to write a ticket using the web-interface..and voila.. I have my name back! Thank you very much.

That was my highlight gaming wise in the last days.. In some next post I will write what I think about the city siege changes and patch 1.3.5.

Meanwhile.. Prost! (my little lecture on German?! ;) ) .. The next round is on me. ;)

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted May 25, 2010 by Karic in Dwarves, General, WAR

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