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So.. I had time to think about the announcement to be able to play on both realms on one server..

I still don’t like it. Is this going to be a game-breaking feature? Most likely ..not. This will not affect the actual gameplay more than the current cross-realmers do. It will make spying a lot more easier, but this shouldn’t make any problems.

Will realm-changing occur, so that you can farm on both sides for your equipment from city sieges and there is just one zerg who constantly flips sides? Probably..but even that seems quiet unlikely. Especially when the proposed lockout timers are significant.

So..”what is the problem then?” you might ask. Well.. it’s not that simple. Having the option to play on both realms just feels wrong. Regardless of the game.. If I decide to play on one team..I’ll stick to that. Even if the team doesn’t deserve it. I made a choice.

The only time I switched sides was in a (pvp) MUD and that was only because there was just one server and I hadn’t the option to test the other side on another server.

I know how it felt when on another occasion some guild-members in that MUD switched sides, because the other side was overpowered and better organized.

This bitter taste is something that I always associate with cross-realming. Maybe it’s the dwarven part of me.. Stubborn and oath-bound..Even if I never pledged anything to anyone on that realm, I chose to fight with this realm against the other realm.

So the announcement to be able to play on both realms on one server is more a personal problem than any game-mechanic related stuff. I know that many folks out there don’t care about realm-pride or anything related to that, but just want those funny little pixel aka. tokens, renown and that sort of stuff. I play for different reasons.

If this is going to be the first step to a third faction, then the announcement was just too clumsy and not well prepared. It’s a premature detonation.. with a big chunk of my fun on the casualty list.


This all doesn’t mean that I don’t play both factions in a game..just not on one server.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

This time my dwarven name as it fits better to this post


Posted May 5, 2010 by Karic in Community, General, WAR

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