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So ..with patch 1.3.6 you can have chars on one server and both realms.. (can’t present link, because the herald-won’t load and I’m not sure about the exact link to the producer’s letter).

Oh man.. Mythic can surprise me again and again. When you think that one idea is unbeatable bad..they just top it. This is a really terrible decision. So gone is the thing called realm-pride (which is anyways a small thing in WAR) and all the nay-sayers just get some fuel to burn the thing called Warhammer Online.

At least here in Germany you hear all the time that this step is the preparation to merge the two remaining German Servers. I don’t think that this will happen that soon, because Drakenwald seems a bit overpopulated, but this is not too unlikely so that the doomsayers can build their criticism on.

I felt confident about the future of WAR, because the city siege seems to be well designed and Mythic will try to work on the ORvR campaign..but honestly..I’m not sure what this cross-realming means to me…I’m not sure if I want continue to play a RvR-game with cross-realming.

Terrible.. just terrible..

Zizlak (

Posted May 3, 2010 by Karic in General, RvR, WAR

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