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This are actually two things in one post.. This thread in the official forums is the main reason this time..

The post started about big renown numbers some Healers get in scenarios. The reason is simple.. They are a**holes. Why? Because they go out of group to get more renown and not try to be 100% effective, because this is a loss in renown. In a group you can get buffs, use group heal, etc.. So going out of the group you lose this abilities and though you might top the healing charts..you throw away a big part of you effectiveness because you are a selfish *****. There is no excuse for it. These guys make me angry..if you could not notice that by now ;) If someone is not fulfilling his role with 100% ..it’s just frustrating and I think that I am losing some time when trying to fight against strong premade groups.

Second point..Some of those healers argue that they don’t get guard and therefore go out of group, because the tanks don’t support them. That’s also bs. The reason is simple. If you need guard as a healer..something is going wrong. The tanks should guard mdps or the bombs. Healers stay way back from the front and should work on their position so that the enemy doesn’t see/target them. Just don’t stay on the open field for too long or otherwise you will get killed and no guard will safe you from that.

Tanks and MDPS should push the frontline to the enemy, i.e. healers/ranged dps. Staying back there is most of the time a waste of time for tanks. Break the enemy lines and push the front to the healers.. That simple. Therefore I tend to curse in Mumble when I see that Order (especially MDPS and Tanks) in Nordenwatch don’t cross the bridge to the fortress, because there are enemies waiting on the other side.  ;)

Just for distraction..to videos ;)

Posted April 30, 2010 by Karic in General, Healer, RvR, WAR

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