Things this patch will not change for me   4 comments

There is one thing that this patch 1.3.5 will not change for me..

City sieges will not feel epic and I am still not interested in it. This comes from the frequency of city sieges. After the removal of the fortresses the frequency is way to high. This will afaik not change with the patch as it changes the way the siege works, but not the way the locking of the campaign does.

So.. what is the problem with zone locking. It’s too fast and therefore you have constantly city sieges.. which kills the epic character a city siege should have. It’s more an inconvenience than an epic struggle to defend your home. By the time the city is reached most of the time you are anyways depressed/frustrated because you are run over and over by the enemy zerg. The other problem is.. If there is no resistance, zone locking is utterly boring. You stand there and hope for some red names to show up, so that you get some vp for killing them.

I understand that it’s really tricky to design such a campaign, but there should be something changed on the way the campaign works.

So..what could be done? I’m not sure.. but the list will  include several things that are wanted for some time, e.g. a different RvR lake design. It’s not a lake.. it more like a garden pond..or tube.

The RvR areas should be made bigger. With the increase of the lake size the objectives should be spread out more, too. So a zerg has to divide up and it’s not so easy for a single zerg to just steamroll every opposition. This should increase the possibility to at least try to defend the zone with a small task force.

What the campaign really needs are dynamic speed bumps.. like the fortresses were. Without opposition the fortress lord was a more or less easy kill, but when defenders showed up it was a tough fight. With the loss of that speed bump the campaign got really boring and it’s just a waiting for the zone lock or logging off because of the city fights.

Just to be clear.. I don’t like both city fights and because of the speed of the campaign and the resulting frequency of the city fights the new system will get old really fast. I’m not even that much interested in it, because the current frequency of city sieges just killed the wanting to fight for a city. It’s irrelevant which city is being’s just not any more interesting when you see several fights a day.

It’s kinda sad that I can’t get excited about the new city sieges..but the whole campaign just doesn’t feel in any way special, epic..what ever you want to call it.. It’s more or less farming stuff (tokens) or standing around. I don’t think that the new siege system can change this not-wanting to fight for the city.

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4 responses to “Things this patch will not change for me

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  1. Your post is on the mark. There is a lack of incentive to actively take part in RvR these days. It seems one side makes their serious push to the city and King and then the next night the opposition does.

    I like you speed bump reference and it is surely needed. I understand Mythic will be starting a thread on the forums to discuss Forts. They are fishing for ideas from the playerbase on how they could be reimplemented. They put a lot of effort into their design and there could be some cool, epic fights there. With the performance gains they’ve made the past six months they should be more manageable.

    Here’s hoping there is something in the works!

  2. The forts was the worst implementation ever. It was definitely a speed bump, but it caused no one to defend until the fort call came. Then suddenly every player wanted to be involved. Where were all these players before to stop it from getting to the point of the fort?

    It is because zone flips, keeps, bo’s mean nothing once you are RR80. They have even dumbed down cities now that taking a city means absolutely nothing.

    The new city changes with the lockout timers are basically telling players to swap invasions. If you are locked out of stage 2, and 3 for a few days what is even going to be the point of going to the city.

    It will be accidental pushes, and no one showing up to fight because there won’t be any rewards. The next thing you know your faction will have 5 different lockout timers spreadout within their faction so you will never be able to organize a good push, or get everyone on the same lockout timers.

    • I’m not saying that Fortresses should be brought back..they just provided some sort of special event/last line of defense before the city could be attacked. So this made them somehow special. That no one showed up was imo because people are greedy and back then it was more difficult to obtain Conquerer armor, so they hoped for Fortress defense to get their equipment.

      Actually zone flips etc. don’t mean nothing (other than some free renown..this is another post I plan ;) ) even before RR80.

      And I agree that the combination of fast zone locking and this individual lockout timers will cause confusion and make organizing big pushes difficult. On the other side, you just have to push to the city and get there with one warband. What the other part of the realm does is irrelevant. The next step might be to change RvR into WvW ..Warband vs. Warband. ;) With any accidental push, you get the chance to get you sov. gear, tokens, etc. by just organizing one’s possible to get this together, but I’m not sure how this affects the community on a server/realm.

      As much as I like the new city siege concept..there are other problems which overshadow this design and make it not enjoyable…at least that’s something I feel right now. I just can’t get thrilled by participating in the new city siege twice or more a day. No matter how good it is.

  3. Yesterday, I was able to join a warband in T4 for the first time. I was thinking man this is going to be cool. I was disappointed and bored, It was a bunch of waiting for the zone to flip. I mean I went from like 10% to 75% of my rr, but I really do not like spending my gaming time in a warcamp waiting for a flip. Also, the other day I was able to take part in my first city siege, I am soo glad they are changing that.

    My suggestion, if this new city siege is awesome, to maybe make at least the T4 campaign kindof like the new city siege, I mean make it a cascading campaign with npc’s that need to do stuff, but allows the defenders to do stuff too. Like actual road blocks or bridges that need to be taken down, and then if pushed back maybe rebuilt kind of like using wood on the doors, maybe these roadblocks could be the new battle field objectives.

    Sorry for the wall of text. I believe that would be pretty epic and slow the campaign just enough to make it epic T4 feeling. T2 is fine the way it is but T3 needs a little help because of lotd sucking players away.

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