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The patch notes for 1.3.5 are online..and they look good.

At least in theory this patch may make this game better.

What stood out  for me (besides the city siege changes) are the changes to the Engineer. I didn’t follow it that much, but it seems that Mythic tries to make Tinkerer again an option to play. No more int-based stuff for Engineers (and strength).. I’m wondering how many Engineers will now spec for electro-magnet. I haven’t played my Engineer in the last couple of weeks, because I wanted to gain some renown ranks with the Runepriest and because the Engineer feels somewhat worthless on the battlefield. All the utility stuff he can bring to the group can be ignored by the enemy and the damage is negligible. I don’t mention the stuff that doesn’t work anyways.. Ever  set a land mine and see no effect? *grumbles*

The changes to Runepriests look good. Grungnis Gift healing for more and costing less ap will make me a more mobile healer. Did anyone notice that most of the changes went to the damage spells? Maybe it’s again time to test a damage-spec with 1.3.5 ;)

Last thing that I liked. AP-drain from Marauders has been looked at.  It’s an over-time effect and will not refresh itself. So it’s still annoying for the victim and an option for Marauders, but not too strong… By the way, never ever try to tell me that Marauders are too weak. If you really think that they don’t do enough damage..then you haven’t seen good Marauders.

Zizlak (doomdiver.worpress.com)


Posted April 22, 2010 by Karic in General, WAR

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