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Werit posted some of the questions to the Combats&Careers-team he asked on his trip to the Mythic HQ.

One thing stood out to me..

Q: What are your feelings on the current Time to Kill (TTK)?

A: The developers feel that it is too quick at this time.

This is my impression too. The TTK is way too fast. I don’t even talk about assist-trains or something like that, but a good equipped melee-dps in T4 can kill in less than 3s. Some fights are just ridiculous fast.

Yes, you could farm pocket items and get some absorb shields and live longer, but overall the timing of the fights is just not right. (I would say that Mythic has atm some other ..timing-issues *waves at the billing-dept.*, but as I don’t want to comment on this and as they most likely know what terrible mistake they did, I will not say anything ;) )

Though I have to admit that it’s really hard to balance 1vs1, small groups and zerg fights in terms of duration.

Zizlak (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

\caption[Molare Suszeptibilität und Inverse Suszeptibilität von EuFe$_2$As$_2$]{Molare Suszeptibilität und Inverse Suszeptibilität von EuFe$_2$As$_2$. Das Inset zeigt 1/$\chi$ als Funktion der Temperatur, nachdem ein Curie-Weiss-Anteil abgezogen wurde. Der Knick zeigt das Öffnen des Spin-Dichte-Wellen Gaps bei 193 K. Die Geraden dienen als Hilfslinien, um den Knick zu verdeutlichen.}%

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2 responses to “Oh..you’re so right

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  1. I don’t know. I would think it would be an easy fix. It seems Blizzard makes fights longer by making players health 10x more than it should be. I remember from vanilla wow to BC your health basically doubled, and each expansion pack after that was the same way.

    So if you leave damage the same, and double everyones health wouldn’t they live twice as long? Does just increasing health create other problems?

    • The Blizzard way of “fixing” stuff is imo..the wrong way.
      After Vanilla WoW Blizzard introduced new stats to compensate their lack of balancing and timing skills (oh..and to introduce new stuff to farm for). These stats are now out of proportion so that they need to reduce them to an amount for which you don’t need Excel for. ;)

      Balancing in a MMO is never as easy as it sounds. It’s getting even more difficult if you listen to the players. That’s the reason why I don’t claim to know the way to fix such things, but I like it when the devs see it the way I experience/feel it.;)

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