Gobbos are sick!   2 comments

It’s been a busy week and so the activity here is rather..low.

I just wanted to show what those people who only roam through RvR-lakes and scenarios or level their toons in the Land of the Dead what they miss by leaving out the “normal” PvE Quest-Chains.

Gobbos who disguise themselves by wearing fake-beards. It’s strange, but I laughed really heard when I did that quest. It’s a really nice scripted event to a quest in T2 Greenskin area.

It’s just one point to show that the world in WAR is more detailed than most of the RvR-centric folks see, but often they are overseen because you are busy at killing Elves (hopefully). There are many more examples and I often stumble over them when I play an alt. It’s sad that it’s quiet unlikely that you happen to see them often while leveling up.

Zizlak (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

Posted April 9, 2010 by Karic in humor, WAR, Warhammer

2 responses to “Gobbos are sick!

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  1. ‘Eyup Zizlak!
    Just found your blog on Blurring Shock’s blogroll and I’m adding you to mine.


  2. This is great mate. Made me smile. It’s easy to forget about this kind of thing. It might even tempt me to wander around and look at stuff a bit more!!

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