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To leech renown by guarding the warcamp is ..well established in WAR. I think it’s something common on both realms and on every server.

It’s sometimes frustrating to see 2+ warbands standing in the warcamp and idle, even though in region chat there is some call for help, because the opposing realm is pushing and trying to prevent the zone lock. But though it’s frustrating I don’t care about those folks who leech. Hell..sometimes, when I’m only doing scenarios, I stand in the warcamp and queue from there. The difference is that I move out of warcamp when there is call for help, at least when I know that there is some sort of defense out there. ;)

This form if leeching renown is imo ok, because you wouldn’t contribute or disturb your own realms efforts anyways.

Now with the introduction of scenario weapons the leeching got a new trend.. To go afk in a scenario wasn’t a problem before the introduction of them, but now it gets ..especially when you have  some high-rr folks there who don’t need the renown.. quiet common to have a group of 8-10 instead of the 12 actually fighting.

This is something really annoying, because the number of participants in a scenario is limited and so this leeching really hurts the players fighting on ..your..side. Sadly the idle-hands (de)buff isn’t working good, because it only checks if your in the vicinity of your spawn-point and not if you are contributing to the scenario in any form (capture flag, heal, kill people or at least do damage). It’s always fun to get ported out of Battle for Praag when you are in the middle of a fight and then get flagged for running out of a scenario ;)

It’s silly that those high rr players want to mark a scenario as a afk-scenario were no one has to expect them to fight, but want to fight on the others (anyways I saw some of them in other scenarios go afk to)..this is the perversion of RvR. Just tokens for the purpose of having fighting wanted. Hopefully the idle-hands buff gets fixed so that it really only affects those who idle anywhere in the scenario, not those who are just pushed back to the camp and desperately try to fight against a better (organized) opponent.

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Posted March 30, 2010 by Karic in Community, RvR, WAR

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  1. i hate leechers.. so lazy :P

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