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I looked at the blog stats and wondered why an old post has been looked at..It’s my comparison of the different Runepriest mastery lines back in may 09. That’s a long time since then..and many things have changed..also my understanding of the Runepriest career. So I thought that it might be interesting to do a more up to date comparison.. it is.


A Mastery path focused on immediate, direct effects.

This is actually the spec I like to use when being specced for healing. As you can’s not fully Grungni and nearly as much Grimnir as Grungni, but it does imo the best healing. You have all the flexibility for small scale, large scale RvR and scenarios. You don’t do the large healing numbers like Warrior Priests, but you can be very versatile. That’s the strength of Runepriests and you should use it and don’t try to compete with the others careers on that number thingy in scenarios.

What I like about this spec? In PvE and (if you think ahead) in RvR Rune of Restoration can really heal big numbers on a single’s tricky because it takes so long, but if you think ahead what the enemy does this works quiet good. A real help is Protection of the Ancestors. I can’t tell you how often this saves lifes. A 152 wounds buff with instant heal of the 1520 hp..woohoo..

And of course the best tool in the kit.. Rune of Binding. Instant cast stagger with 100ft range.. It’s a very good defensive tool, because Choppa or Witch Elves don’t block it and can’t do any damage to you for 9s (unless you are in a pug-scenarios with some bombing Bright Wizard).. and it’s a very good offensive tool, because you can (at least try to) disable an enemy healer, Squig herder or something like that who’s standing far away for your melee dps to kill him/her.

Resume: The crit-tactic is missing, so the real offensive power is reduced in this spec, but overall it’s a good heal/support spec. Difference to old resume.. I think that this spec also works in zerg vs. zerg, 1vs1 is still not advised ;) It’s still a fun spec to have and enjoyable.


A Mastery path focused on longer-duration effects.

This is the spec I tested some weeks ago.. As you may see, it’s totally offense oriented. Trying to heal with this spec is not really fun. Running around and killing stuff is the thing to do..and really fun. As I already mentioned. This spec works great for 1vs1, because of ap-drain (moral1 and tactic), life tap (Rune of Fate which was nerfed some time ago, but I still like to use it) and dot/hot-heavy stuff which takes time that you have in 1vs1 fights.

The lack of burst-damage is the real killer for this spec, because in large scale fights and scenarios you don’t kill people.. This spec deals good damage, but like Grenadier specced Engineer you actually don’t kill stuff. Not killing anything is ..bad ;) The problem of this spec is the huge ap-use. So just draining ap is not enough.. maybe I should have tried Kamenra for some ap tap.

Resume: Really fun in 1vs1, small scale fights as a offense oriented spec. As a healer you are too weak, especially in scenarios against bombing groups.. When you try to mix both you end up really bad, as you fail on both parts. So I always tried to focus on damage and support the real healers by rez-ing while they kept healing. This works good because of dot-attacks and so the damage is still somewhat kept up.


Well.. if you check the Grungni spec, than you see that there is a heavy Grimnir part in it. Focusing more in Grimnir makes imo no sense, as you would lose the Rune of Binding, on which I heavily rely on when a Choppa or something like that runs towards me. Competing with Warrior Priests on AoE-healing is futile..You can’t beat them as a Runepriest in AoE-healing. Your focus should be mixing of several healing types and maybe even throwing some dots out there.

Overall Resume:

Runepriests may be the weakest of the Order healing careers, but they can be really fun to play and this is what matters to me. You aren’t bound by any mechanics forcing you to do stuff. You are flexible as there are many healing options.  With my Grungni spec you can reasonably well heal a single target or you can mix some AoE stuff for healing the group. You can let opponents stagger..

The key to success is mixing your abilities (you need way more than just 1-3 buttons ;)), using the terrain to your advantage (I plan a post on that for a long time now…well lets see if I write it ever) and plan ahead as some of your healing takes time.



Posted March 18, 2010 by Karic in Dwarves, Healer, RvR, WAR

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