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Every career seems to have a healing debuff.. In some fights my character constantly runs around with a healing debuff around.. I can’t say how often my Runepriest tries to cleanse debuffs and yet I get them casted on me in a split second. And more than just one time I casted Rune of Restoration, netting in a really low number.
Seralene from Gorfang tested how those debuffs work and posted it in the US-forums. Check it’s really interesting.

It seems like those incoming and outgoing heal debuffs stack additively, netting in heal-reduction by approx. 90% (according to Seralene and the Runepriest guinea pigs ;)). From my perspective this numbers seem reasonable.. at least how I perceive them, not what I think is the right balance decision. ;)

It surely is a thread I will follow as there are still some things that need to be tested about how heal debuffs work.

Another interesting post is about severing Enchantments and Blessings.. Thanks go to Marple, Veirah and Seralene for testing it out.

It’s just a short list what Runepriest Blessing can be severed by whom.


Posted March 12, 2010 by Karic in Dwarves, Healer, RvR, WAR

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