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Andy posted some stuff in the official forums about upcoming design decisions for patch 1.3.5 and wants feedback from the community on ideas they have. So I’ll recommend that you head over to the forums and comment on those.

Overall this changes seem to have deep impact and I’m not sure how they connect to each other.. The first one is the previously mentioned consideration of weapons dps for healing and magic. Overall I think that the idea is good, but the presented numbers are way out of proportion. I’m not sure how much the weapons dps adds to melee damage, but healing gets a huge boost. Just as an example Andy posted:

Rune of Regeneration, with 750 Willpower:

  • Current (1.3.4 Live) – 2171 total healing
  • 1.3.5 with a 68 DPS staff – 2465 total healing
  • 1.3.5 with a 101 DPS staff – 2654 total healing

I’m not sure if this is in line with melee power. In general I still like the idea because it gives a bit more of variety on choosing the weapons, it’s not just pure healing-crit for a healer.

Now comes the tricky part.. It’s planned to buff the Zelots and Runepriest.

Overall I think they get the right spells for buffing, because right now they are too weak.  I tested a spec with focusing on Grungi (single target) spells and used the crit-tactic from the Grungni spec-line.. you have to exaggerate to call it underperforming. It’s way too weak. On the other hand.. Lowering the ap-costs and increasing the base healing value from 200 to 270 ..combining this with the dps-boost ..well that seems a lot and I will definitely try a more Grungi spec line with that. It gives Runepriests and Zelots a lot of mobility and makes them much more valuable in RvR.

This changes will change the way battles work in a big way.. I’m not sure if it’s too much and we need a general toning down of dps and heal and not the other way..but we’ll see.


Posted March 11, 2010 by Karic in General, WAR

2 responses to “In development for 1.3.5

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  1. Do you have a link for Andy’s post ? Thanks.

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