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Sometimes side effects are not sooo bad. This time it’s the introduction of the sc-weapons.

Of course it sucks many players out of the RvR and into the sc to farm those tokens, but this is a least on Drakenwald. With fewer people in RvR the campaign gets slowed down to a speed that feels somewhat comfortable to me.

It’s not city siege after city siege. Those occur right now rarely in prime time. Most of the time it happens on the early evening or late at night. Most of the time not at all least at the times when I play. It’s more RvR than standing at flags in a city.

This is a good thing … City sieges are imo one of the worst parts in the game. Keeping more RvR and scenarios open is just more fun. Though I prefer the first more than the latter, both are better than city sieges ;)

The speed of the campaign and zone locking was way too fast and earned way too fast and easy renown ..getting this slowed down was one of the things I wished for some time now. Funnily it’s done by something I don’t like in the first place..

Zizlak (


Posted March 10, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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