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News in the Herald..The prices for the SC-weapons got changed.
What I like about those changes.. Not all prices were reduced. The prices were changed so that it fits better to the player progression in lower tiers. This is a change I really like. (Edit: It seems that the pricing is still too high, but overall I still like the direction of lowering the costs more for lower tiers/rr than for higher ones) The higher RR weapons stay nearly unchanged. All in all a smoother progression through those weapons… seems nice to me. Hopefully it isn’t too easy to obtain, as we now the tendency of Mythic to let those pendulum swing in nearly chaotic ways. (Just follow the link and watch the animation ;) It has nothing to do with the Raven god or something similar..At least the mathematicians tell that.)

Also added .. trophies to buy that unlock the next tier of weapons. I’m not sure if this is appreciated, but it’s ..nice. So instead of instantly destroying your bought weapon, you can now hang something on your shoulder to show that you’ve unlocked it. It’s just fluff and I think that most of the folks don’t need this feature anyways, but it gets an ok-rating from me ;)

Now I need a’s still too early for me ;)

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Posted March 3, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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  1. yeah, lowering the lower tier’s pricing makes sense, b/c eventually you’ll have gained the xp to not be eligible for that area.. hopefully they can be converted into higher emblems? (i dunno; i don’t play anymore unfortunately)

    add me if you like :)

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