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In a game you often have to decide what you want to do next, how to spec, etc.

This week had one bigger decision for me …

I respecced my Runepriest back to healing. Why? Well.. being Valaya/Grungni specced is nice if you run around in a group with 2 healers and if you don’t need that much dps, but a little bit more utility. As I posted lately this spec can be really fun. You can kill people, but are still more a supporter than a real dps character. After fighting several scenarios in pugs and very little in premades (our guild has atm rather few people online at the same time) the problems of that spec really got more and more prominent.

After patch 1.3.4 all the premades are again focusing on scenario-gameplay and neglecting ORvR. If there is action in ORvR you face only large zergs of 4+ warbands and in scenarios only the 2-2-2 bombing setup. No place for experiments… the biggest surprise for me was facing a RR80 Squig herder and nearly killing him. Sadly he caught me in one little moment where I was not paying full attention and kicked me away, so that I couldn’t deal the finishing blow. This showed me that offensive oriented Runepriests can be a real danger, if the fights take some time.. but there is no burst-damage, it’s slow and steady.

As it seems this is nothing you want to be as a dps character in WAR.. all the fights get shorter and shorter in duration. With the introduction of lotd and now the sc-weapons (they aren’t RvR-weapons as they are primarily earned in scenarios)  the average fight time gets even shorter. A 1vs1 fight can get as fast as 3s..which is..well..ridiculous if you ask me, but that is another problem I won’t discuss now.

So back to healing.. which is still nice, though I think that the Runepriest career has some flaws in the layout of the mastery trees.

On another front there are some decisions I have to make..which I dislike.

I recently started to play my Slayer in T3. I checked the cost of a two-handed weapon for him.. it’s 630 token (forgot the correct name right now). So..630 case scenario.. 105 won scenarios. 105! Earning around …let’s say 5-10k exp in a scenario that means.. well. let’s take the mean value of 7,5k exp.. 787k exp… only from scenarios. No ORvR or PvE stuff included.  Only scenarios. If I happen to get some keeps and or locking of zones..well.. how am I supposed to get the sc-weapons prior to R32 ?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to maximize influence and sc-tokens in that tier.. but sometimes I just want to do some quests and progress in the story line. Am I getting penalized for this? I know that some..well..most.. don’t care about PvE/storylines in WAR and want to get asap to max-rank and farm renown, but more and more people start to like T3 and the lack of high-rr bombing groups and the longer keeps fights that happen in T3. In T3 on Drakenwald you have something like 1-2 warbands vs. 1-2 warbands.. in T4 it’s at least 4 warbands attacking..most of the time even more. This is something that makes T4 ORvR least to me. Too zergy and no room for anything else.

Adding insult to injury.. There are sc-weapons for R24RR24.. (not sure about the cost right now). These weapons are nearly impossible to reach at that time..though I think that this rank-requirement is more intended for the talismans than for the player progression, I think that the pricing is..just wrong. In T4 I don’t mind as there is practically infinite time (though the prices are also ridiculous)..but in T1-T3 I think the pricing should be so reasonable that it’s possible to reach the weapons without neglecting other parts of the game like ORvR..or having to chose between a storyline (which nets you nothing other than some nice stuff to read, as the quest-rewards are useless) and being competitive in equipment


Posted March 2, 2010 by Karic in Healer, RvR, WAR

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